Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Body World

I highly recommend attending this incredible exhibit at the Leonardo/Old Salt Lake Library. Not only is it interesting and informative, but I found it to be VERY educational.
I took Human Biology in college 3 times. The first time I got a C, the second a D, and the third a B. If I would have just seen this exhibit the first time, I would have gotten an A. Although there are boobs and penis' if you have children 5 and above, I think they would also find this very interesting and educational.
My only suggestion for future exhibits would be to add more information about obesity. All of the bodies on display were perfect. There didn't seem to be much room for any imperfections. However, I think more information and displays about obesity could encourage others to live a healthy life style. I have heard many doctors say that it is "never too late" to begin living a health life style with exercise and good diet.
The brain and heart sections were very interesting and I found myself learning new things.

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CookFamily said...

I agree this exhibit was fascinating when it came to Orlando. They had a section devoted to growing babies. Although it was sad thinking of the loss of the lives some parents had to endure, it was amazing to see. Some people protest it. They say the bodies are Asian prisoners who didn't choose this. I wonder.

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