Monday, March 29, 2010


Are you kidding me??? She wore JEANS on Jay Leno??!!!!!
I'm all for her image of the "down-home" girl from Alaska that kills animals and hides the pregnancy of her knocked up daughter. But JEANS???? REALLY???
I pray for our future people, I pray.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Met up with an old friend today. It's quite strange how people change but they don't at the same time. Heard gossip about some old friends from High School. Again, interesting how you think people change but they really don't. I think I have changed but I'm told I'm the same.
I remember myself being much more cynical and depressed when I was in high school. I also think I was more arrogant and oblivious than I am now.

I like to think that I have changed into a better person. Isn't that what everyone strives for, to be different than we were, gain more knowledge and experience, become better people as we grow older?

I wonder what other people's perspective of me would be. Am I crazy? Am I a bitch? Am I the nicest human being on the planet(hahahahahahahaha, highly unlikely)?

A part of me wants to care what others think about me, but I just don't. I want to be happy in my life and I feel like worrying about what others think of me or how they perceive me to be will only disparage my own sense of self. I will take feedback and am willing to reflect on myself, however I refuse to spend my entire life trying to please other people and being worried that I am going to offend someone. Right? I mean, isn't that how everyone should live? ENJOYING life instead of being stressed out about it all the time?

I don't know, I guess that it works for me and it makes sense for me. Don't worry about what others think, what's important is what you think.

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