Saturday, May 21, 2011

Craft Wednesday! - Martha Effin Stewart - Braided Headband

Okay - I did this on a Wednesday. I found this great tutorial on a headband HERE

Here is my own tutorial through pictures :) My advice - MEASURE!!!! Otherwise your headband will be too tight and won't even fit your 3 year old niece.

Cut your fabric (any fabric, I used leftovers from my BOX project) into 6 equal strips that will fit MOSTLY around your head, or the intended wearers head.

Next clip the fabrics together at the end and braid them.
Tack the ends together so they don't come loose.

Then sew the ends together on both ends of the braids. Make sure they don't twist.

Cut an elastic in half and sandwich it between both ends of the braids. Sew in the elastic. Make sure not to twist the braids.
To create a nice finished look, cut a small piece of fabric and wrap it around the frayed ends. You can either sew it on or use fabric glue.

And done! Works great as a gift and a lovely hair accessory!

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