Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss Universe Time!!!

Here are my final thoughts for Miss Universe:
Just missing the cut (Top 20):

Australia- Strangely enough I didn't have her anywhere in my top 20 after watching prelims- however looking back I realized that she may be closer than I think.
Japan - She was incredible on stage, I thought she brought something different and calm.
Jamaica - Let it be known that I am only putting her this close because I felt like she really brought it during prelims, however based on photos alone I would NOT have had her in the semi-finals.
Slovak Republic - I loved her from the beginning! Until she came out on stage in that horrid Gatorade gown. I was so hoping for a Jessica Rabbit look when she came out, but sadly I was disappointed. I wish that she would still make the semi's but she will not go any farther in that, unless she changes her gown.
Canada - Based on height alone she could be in. She takes incredible action photos, but still photos not so much. And sometimes she looks like a tranny.
Top 15:

New Zealand - I really hate looking at photos of this woman, I just don't like the cat eyes big mouth thing. But she did bring some flair to the stage. So I put her in based on stage performance alone.
Argentina - Yesica is my soft spot. I really like her. Her dress is terrible and she seemed nervous on stage. But I just think she is SO CUTE!!! Like little puppy cute.
Czech Republic - I loved this girl during prelims - I thought she brought some energy to that stage. Jitka also brings that young, fresh innocence with her.
South Africa - She is an obvious one. I did feel like she could have brought more to the stage and could have been a little more sassy than she was.
Philippines - I do not understand Venus AT ALL. However, she has a great presence on stage so I will give her that. But I do not think she is facially beautiful enough to crack the five.

Top 10:

France - I want her to break into the top 5, if not win the entire thing, but being realistic, I don't think that is going to happen.
Venezuela - The second country to produce the most AMAZING women. Many did not like Marelisa's smiley smiley image on stage, but I just love her. I think it was said in chat, but it makes me want to be her best friend!
Brazil - I love her. I think Brazil produces some of the most beautiful women in the world, and Debora is no exception.
Ukraine - How can anyone not think she is beautiful? She may be a beast but the judges don't know that yet.
USA - Sash factor. I love Rima and I thought she was great at Miss USA, but as always between then and now, she has lost some of that spark (a la: Chelsie Cooley, Tara Conner)

TOP 5:

4th RU: Guatemala - This girl had SEX written all over her face the ENTIRE time. And I LOVE it.

3rd RU: Mexico - I know there are a lot of haters out there for Mexico, but I think she was incredible and wowed me the ENTIRE time.

2nd RU: Russia - I love this girls innocence and facial beauty, but I think she may lose the game when we have her speak. Not because she is stupid, but because she seems so very young

1st RU: Ireland - As much as I want this girl to win, I just don't think it will actually happen. I mean Rozanna is everything that I WANT in a Miss Universe, she is beautiful, approachable, funny, normal, but I feel like every time they have an incredible winner like her, MUO misses the boat.

WINNER: Puerto Rico - I know I know, the Shakira hair just isn't awesome. But she looks incredible in every photo I have seen her in, and she could wear a burlap sack and still look amazing.

Paraguay - I wanted her to be in my top 20, but after prelims, she fell flat for me.
Albania - I originally wanted her in my Top 20 but as I look back, I'm thinking maybe not.
Peru - Also in my original Top 20, but after looking at photos, I realized that she just may not get in.
Belgium- Facial beauty but that's about it
Costa Rica - Again, did not have her in there, but after looking through photos, she could be a surprise
Croatia - beautiful, but probably won't make the top 20.
Cyprus- also facially beautiful, except straight on.
Dominican Republic - Originally I had her in my Top 20, but looking back on photos, I think I had too much wine.
Greece - Stunning girl, but not making the cut.
Israel - Beautiful girl, but most likely won't make the cut.
Columbia - beautiful, but not enough excitement on stage to make it through.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stop Drinking Bottled Water Now!

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Bottled Water

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