Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is my new niece, Savannah Marie Cook. HOW CUTE! Check out those cheeks. She is a very good baby, not a lot of crying but lots of drooling and smiling. Check out her onesie:
"Crawling is for Criminals" courtesy of Bikers Edge.

The Family Tree

So, I will preface this blog by saying that it may come off bitchy, rude and ungrateful. Now it being Thanksgiving and all, I should be writing about things that I appreciate. However, I have only begun to realize the things that I am not grateful for. I understand that family is blood and that you should always appreciate family. But I often question if I am adopted. Not that I think that I'm better than my family, but I just wonder where all of their brain cells went. I just don't feel like I know them at all. I've spent 23 years with these people and I still don't know them. I don't know how they think, why they think that way, or who they are. A part of me blames them but another part of me blames myself. I have conditioned myself to be annoyed every time I am around them. But there is some desire to get to know them, as people.
A part of me is very grateful that I do have them in my life, because they do keep me normal.

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