Friday, April 2, 2010

Weird stalker post below......

Can I just say how much I LOVE Heather Armstrong ( She pretty much says EVERYTHING that I am thinking (give or take a few of her WAY liberal comments). And she is such a better writer than me. I think I should just copy everything that she says, but I think she copyright's all of her stuff so then that wouldn't work out.

Today I was at work and I wanted to punch a co-worker in the face (not unusual). My anger toward this woman was not completely out of control (me being unable to breath) but I was still so bothered by her actions and I didn't know why. Finally, I left the situation and had to reflect silently on my rage towards this person. I figured it out, she was stepping into my turf. Not that I really have turf, but I can get pretty possessive and protective when it comes to my patients. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY PATIENTS. Wow, that felt good.

Anyway, what are you possessive over? And do you sometimes find yourself wanting to punch people in the face for some obscure reason?

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