Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Wow... that felt good... oh wait...


Not that I voted for Obama (because I didn't) but I sure as hell did NOT vote for McCain either!


Holy shit.... wow.... whew....hold on.....


Seriously, if I had balls, I would tell at least 10 specific people to suck them.....

Sometimes I don't want to be right. But this time.... I'm swimming in it!!!

However, he still has 2 months and 4 years to be assassinated, so we'll see how the McCain lovin' red-neck nazi's deal with that!

Either way....


PS - Switzerland or maybe Canada are still possibilities in our future. Only because the democratic ticket isn't much better than the republican. The US has a long way to go before it is back to its original roots and beliefs. Something that they will probably never get back to. And socialized medicine isn't a bad idea if it is played out correctly. And stealing from the rich to give to the poor (redistribution of wealth) is also a bunch of bullshit.


Tyson said...

I laughed. I cried. I went to bed.

And I love you, even if I disagree with you about socialized medicine.

Abbie Scott said...

I won't even get into it with you politically. I won't even rub it in your face when you have cancer and can't get treatment because of socialized Medicine. But what I will say is, you are about to become a mother, you should CLEAN UP your act! Words like "suck it" or words that rhyme with "suck it" are a disgrace coming out of an infant’s mouth (they are also pretty disgusting coming out of your mouth). You should start cleaning up your mouth and posts, for it will probably take you more that the rest of your pregnancy to rid of some of those foul hobbits.

PS Last night was a testament that we are that much closer to “the end.” GET PREPARED!!!!!

Launa said...

So Hello to the Whiteheads of North Salt Lake City. I am most anxious to see Jessica pregnant. I'll bet she's beautiful! There is something so "glowing" about a young woman caring a baby and watching her grow. Kelly was so cute! But believe me, Aryanna is cuter yet!! I hope I do not step on any toesies here. My comment is just this: I love looking at all the family's blogs. It gives me a chance to keep up and see the develop of their little families and to keep up with their news. My suggestion is that perhaps it would be better to have a political blog where you can vent any frustrations and opinions and carry on conversations about America (the love/hate thing), political views, etc. I personally don't want to step on feet, put my foot in my mouth, or offend someone with my personal views on such things. Therefore, I wouldn't go to a blog that encourages me to do that. But I love to peek in and see the latest and get the pics and updates on family news. Do I make any sense? We are all individuals and our morals, our religion, our political persuasions, etc. are our own and we shouldn't look down or talk bad to those who don't have the same views. Arguments do nothing but cause contention. So for me, it would be nice for you to have two blogs, and I would go to whatever blog I was comfortable with. Hope this made sense. Anyway, that's my two cents worth. Love, Aunt Launa

CookFamily said...

I tagged you! http://cookie-central.blogspot.com/

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