Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Baby Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures from Thanksgiving... 10 weeks left!!!
However, we went to an appointment and my mid-wife says that I'll be lucky if I have the baby by February 11th. So it looks like we're adding a couple more weeks to this time.... dangit!!!


Whitehead Family: East Coast Addition said...

oh man! You look so cute! That doesn't even look like you. haha We can't wait to see your belly. It still doesn't seem real. Any hints for christmas? we have no idea what you guys want or need. What else do you need for Atlas? See you guys soon!

pirate ride said...

Your belly is so cute! You look fabulous!

Tyson said...

You look good!

Chris and Brindy said...

You are looking Great Jessica! Good luck with these last few weeks! WE are in the same boat you know. I'm due around February 21st! Oh and I really like his name; Atlas.

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