Monday, May 28, 2007

Miss Universe

The Greatest Moment in pageant history has taken place this evening. Miss Universe 2008 was a very entertaining pageant! I will first give you an overview of what took place and then I will give you some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
The night started out boring with the same opening num
ber as Miss USA, and then the girls were in cages on stage doing a little dance! That was again, terrible.
Top 15 were called(of which I rightly guessed 9 of them):
Venezuela, Thailand, Denmark, Nicaragua, Angola, Slovenia, USA, Brazil, India, Mexico, Japan, Ukraine, Tanzania, Korea and Czech Republic.
The swimsuit competition was great, the lowest score was Ukraine with a 7.900 and the highest was Japan with a 9.599.

The Top 10 were called (I got 8 out of 10)
Brazil, India, Japan, Angola, Venezuela, USA, Korea, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Mexico.
Now the greatest moment of ALL pageant history was when Miss USA fell right on her butt!!! I have never laughed so hard in my life, I had tears streaming down my face, my stomach hurt, it was the best ab work out I have ever had.

Even after all of this, top 5 were called, (I had 5 out of 5) Venezuela, Korea, Brazil, USA, Japan. When they called Miss USA into top 5, the great Mexican crowd Booed!!!! I know I shouldn't be laughing about this but it was hilarious!
After Miss USA was booed during her entire final question, here is how it ended:
4th runner-up : Miss USA
3rd runner-up: Korea
2nd runner-up: Venezuela
1st runner-up: Brazil
Winner: Japan
Brazil and Venezuela were robbed, but oh well. I could have cared less wh
o won, after seeing this:

Yes ladies and gentlemen, on her ass, in front of about 90 billion viewers! Go USA!!!!

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