Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bride Zilla

Planning a wedding is a nightmare. At first it is something that seems fun and interesting, but once you get half way through, it starts to eat at you and nothing goes right. To begin this roller coaster story, we start with booking the reception/ceremony location. Since I was small I have always wanted to do my wedding at the McCune Mansion in Salt Lake City. So I went and had a look around and realized that our guests (mostly Tyson's family) would not be accommodated at this place, it was just too small. So, I began looking around Salt Lake City. We wanted our ceremony to be outside and a sit down dinner for our guests, and of course a reception with all the desserts and dancing. (I say we, but I think I really mean me). I decided on a reception center up Millcreek Canyon. I called and penciled my name on their calendar, and spoke to several people about what I wanted. I then called a couple of months later because I hadn't heard from anyone, and came to realize that someone else had called and taken the date and payed their deposit, therefore kicking me out.... I was very sad. I felt that this was a sign that Vegas was calling my name. Then I moved on to a different location, The Grand America Hotel. Now I knew that I was setting my sights high, however I was NOT aware that it would cost us $4000 just to get in the door. So that was down the toilet as well. Finally we decided and signed a contract for the Golden Cliff & Eagle's Nest at the Snowbird Resort Hotel, The Cliff Lodge. Two days after I signed the contract I got a call saying that they had double booked this location and that I was being kicked out AGAIN. This one definitely broke the camel's back and I was just devastated. I cried for a whole day and felt again, that I should go to Vegas (which now I realize I should have). They gave me the option for a ballroom, or the Atrium, a restaurant at the hotel. I decided to go with the Atrium, however I was still very upset (and still am for that matter). Since then, the Snowbird faculty have informed me that they are going to be unable to seat all of my guests, that I can not get in to the restaurant to set up until 4pm (my wedding starts at 5) and that they may or may not be able to give me the food that I have requested.
So after all of this (and it's not over) I have decided that planning your wedding ahead of time, doesn't make it any less stressful. All it does is give you the idea that you have plenty of time and you put things off until the end. Also, a big fancy wedding really isn't necessary. Well, I guess I can't really say that because it hasn't happened yet, so I don't have an official position, however the way it's going I can say that it's not the best thing ever.

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Candace said...

TO the Bridezilla:

I hope that you had a wonderful wedding despite the few hiccups. I hope your pictures, tux vests, and dinner worked out to your liking. Good luck!

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