Saturday, June 2, 2007


Hate to break it to all of you Chuck fan's but guess what? This book wasn't so great. I compare every Chuck book to Survivor because I think that was one of his greatest books ever!! Lullaby is basically about a man and woman with secrets. I think that we all have secrets and I must question whether or not having these is a bad or a good thing. Secrets can sometimes kill a person, but sometimes they can make you stronger as well. So what are my secrets? Are they my doubts? Or my thoughts? I'm the type of person that usually says what's on my mind so I don't know if I really have any secrets or not. If you define secrets as something that no one else knows. I consider my secrets to be my thoughts that I don't say out loud, the thoughts that often consume my time. The time that I should be sleeping, or working, or showering, or driving. So I'll admit that my thoughts are pretty random, and could be considered my secrets. By reading my blog I guess you are also being a witness to some of my secrets.
Book Rating Scale: 1

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