Friday, March 28, 2008


Why I hate myspace:

-Spam mostly. I don't want to be your friend. Unless you know me and I feel comfortable to swear around you!! hahahahaha.

-I can't post pics very well on there without wasting a crap load of my time making them smaller.

-All the different pages. I like some personalization, but mostly uniformity!! Seriously - I hate the pages that I can't read and take FOREVER to start up. LAME

-The advertisements on myspace are especially lame. Seriously, I have a degree already, no I don't want to find out if I'm fat, I don't care what is on tv tonight, and I definitely don't care who the rapper/tv star/celebutant is behind the glasses.

- It seems like myspace has gotten 10x slower than it used to be before the "change over".

- AND it seems like there is at least 1-5 links that NEVER work or take 5 times of going back and forth to actually get to the site...

Although I do hate all of these things about myspace, I do still check it everyday. However, I am considering giving up on myspace and switching over completely to Facebook!!! hahahahaha
No really...


Tyson said...

ya, F*#K myspace

Candace said...

I feel honored that you are comfortable enough around me to cuss :).
Seriously, I hear ya. Myspace sucks major donkey balls...and yet I am still addicted. Damn.

forbes pirate ride said...

Hi jess I truly love how you express yourself. You hold nothing back I wont to be more like that!! see ya,Audra

forbes pirate ride said...

I meant WANT!! oops I really need spellcheck.

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