Monday, March 10, 2008

I almost went vegetarian...

Lord knows that I have seen my fair share of meat through my short life. And I have been around several individuals who eat vegetarian or vegan. As those people know, I have much respect and admiration for them because I have absolutely no will power. I like the way meat tastes and I'm too lazy to be picky about what I eat. Oh, and I really like sushi.

However, my husband and I went to Costco yesterday, and we wandered over to their meat department. Normally we do not buy meat at Costco because we don't eat that much meat. But we thought we might be able to get a better price and be able to freeze a large amount so we didn't have to keep going grocery shopping (different time, different blog: grocery shopping). I became sick to my stomach looking at all of that meat. I hate raw meat, and I hate looking at meat. But I'll eat it. But seeing all of that meat, made me question my own eating habits. Everytime I make anything that's not fish, I question it. Do I really want to eat something that was treated badly and pumped full of hormones? Hmm, I don't know. Is that weird? A lot of people would say ABSOLUTELY NOT - but I don't know. I had a grandma that had a farm, and there was a really cute baby calf named Buttercup. I liked to play with Buttercup. Then, a few months later we went back to grandma's and had dinner. When we arrived, I asked what we were having dinner. Her reply was "Buttercup". So - I guess I was exposed early to eating animals that I had played with as pets.

I always make excuses as to why I'm not vegetarian or vegan:

1. I'm too lazy to watch what I eat all of the time

2. I have no self control. When I'm hungry I want to eat right now. I don't want to wait.

3. Sometimes a nice steak tastes DAMN good.

So my conclusion, I'm thinking that I won't be a vegetarian or vegan but I will do my best to eat meat in moderation.


CookFamily said...

I think the cow was Marigold. :)

Tyson said...

I think cows have the ultimate life. You sit around, get pumped full of some sweet hormone drugs, and eat all day long. And then at the prime of your life, before you get old and decrepit, you're taken out and are used for a purpose that serves millions. What could be better?

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