Monday, January 25, 2010

He's Just Not That Into You

Just finished watching this movie for the first time. Really enjoyed it, right until the end, and then it sucked, sort of. I mean, I know that there are happy stories in the world (I have one) but I wanted it to be just a little more truthful.

First: Ginnifer Goodwin - LOVE HER!! And I love her character. I don't think I can relate to her character because that was NOT me. I was a little bit more aggressive (HA, a little bit...). Anyway, I applaud her for telling off that guy when he was being heartless, even though she is kind of crazy. I think I agree with her, I would rather be crazy than heartless.

Scarlett Johansson - Is it just me or does she have a HUGE butt in this movie? I was thinking "DAMN" girl. She looked like a REAL girl, with big boobies and a badonkadonk. So then, I think, was I this girl? Maybe not in the most recent past, but "back in the day". Maybe.

Jennifer Aniston - Never really been a huge fan of her in general. And I thought her story was cute. Wish that they wouldn't have gotten married at the end SPOILER.... oh I guess that was supposed to go at the beginning. Anyway, I've always thought that maybe I rushed into marriage to fast (although I don't regret it at all). But I also don't know if I could have waited any longer.... (hahaha)

Jennifer Connelly - Good for her! I think she should have left sooner. But I've never been in the situation, so I guess I can't really say what I would have done or would like to do.

Drew Barrymore - LOVE her! She's great. I'm glad she knew something good when she saw it.

So, I guess there is a piece me in each of the characters. I guess that's the point right?

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Candace said...

Ten points for usiing the term 'badonkadonk'. Perhaps I'll watch the movie after all.

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