Friday, January 2, 2009

The Sweater Party 08

Here are the pics from the Ugly Sweater Party of 2008. Enjoy.

Kate & Tyson - She got an awesome white elephant gift!

Matthew loves his gift too!

My gift was the best. Chocolate and underwear!

Vanessa, Downtown Jared Brown, and Nicole (talk about some ugly sweaters)

The love birds :)

Pageant girls! Valerie, Me, Kasi and Karen(Honey).

My padre.... I stole his sweater...


pirate ride said...

Those are some great white elephant gifts!! Love the sweaters too!! Tyson's is AWESOME!! Next year we might have to come in all of are ugly!!

CookFamily said...

I dig those underwear. They look like birth control.

Tyson said...

This year's party was definitely a good time. And the underwear saved me when I ran out the other day.

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