Friday, July 13, 2007

07-07-07 - The Wedding

It finally came. After all of the crazy things that went on (see below, Bridezilla) and many more that was not on this page, the day came and went. I wouldn't say that everything went perfectly but I think that it went very well.
I started my day off by going to the hairdresser and getting all of my hair curled and put into boby pins on top of my head. I then went home and packed up my things for the night and the day after. I didn't have very much to take care of because it had been taken care of by my mother, father and soon-to-be husband. I simply loaded up my car with the simple things and started to drive up to Snowbird. On the way I called a couple of my friends that would be unable to make it to my wedding (Emily!!!).
Once at Snowbird I met up with my parents and checked into my room. I was bored and I couldn't just sit in my room so I decided to start unload and help set up the event. I'm glad I was there because there were certain things that I wanted and it worked out perfectly, sort of.
It was about 4 when my bridesmaids were suppose to arrive. I started getting ready. I was about 10 minutes in getting ready. And it's a good thing because a car was in flames at the bottom of the canyon!
The ceremony was beautiful. My flower lady did such a wonderful job with taking what was in my head and creating a ceremony that was even better! My veil was bothering me almost the entire time and I wanted to rip it off my face. However, Tyson said I looked pretty. The ceremony went beautifully and smooth. The judge did talk a little too much for my taste, but at least he didn't say anything to make me mad, and to be honest I really don't even remember what he did say.
After the ceremony we took some pictures. And I really just wanted to make out with my new husband, but I guess that would have been a little inappropriate. The pictures turned out great but while we were taking them I just didn't want to take any and I wasn't in the mood to be in front of a camera. However, during the cocktail hour my hors devours were great and they looked wonderful. Some people felt a little apprehensive about the whole cocktail hour thing, but there wasn't even any alcohol!
The dinner was great, however, I've learned that I don't like to eat anyone's salmon except my own. I make the best salmon ever!!! Although not a lot of people danced, the cake was great and I had fun. Tyson and I are very good hosts and I can't wait to start having dinner parties!!!


Tyson said...

You are the most wonderful wife a guy could have. I'm lucky and I'm glad we got to get married. I had no idea things weren't perfect either, they seemed perfect to me. You were very beautiful!!

Candace said...

I was thinking of you on the seventh wondering if all was going to plan. I am glad that it was beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures!!

CookFamily said...

Update your blog! Your wedding was beautiful and a big hit online. Be happy you found each other and know that your flowers were better!

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